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Monument of Neunggasa 사진
Monument of Neunggasa 사진

Monument of Neunggasa

Jeollanam-do, Goheung-gun, Jeomam-mton, Seonggi-ri 371-1


Tangible Cultural Property No. 70

This historic monument was erected to record the history of the temple. It is said that Adoh-hwasang(monk) first built Bohyeon Temple here. The temple was destroyed by fire during the Japanese Invasion of 1592. Monk Jeonghyeon stayed here during the summer in the 22nd year of King Injo(1644) and found the old temple site by a dream. On the old temple site, he built Neungga Temple consisting of a main building, a temple dormitory, Buddhist statues, Buddhism paintings, a bell pavilion, a wood bock house, and others.
The turtle shaped base of the monument, on which an epiaph part and a lid part stand, is on a natural square pedestal. The epigraph says that Neungga Temple was originally constructed under the name of Bohyeon Temple.

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